Toss your basic 510 pen because we’ve picked out a range of vape batteries to level up at every budget

Vape pens are everywhere and couldn’t be more convenient or cheaper to grab online or in-store these days. Especially with the universal pen-shaped 510 thread battery, vape batteries can all look similar but their quality and functionality can vary wildly. The vape battery is your connection to consuming your favourite cannabis concentrate-filled cartridges, it’s worth learning about and investing a little more in the right vape battery for you.

To learn more, check out our post “The importance of the right battery in cannabis vaporizers”. And if you’re looking to gift yourself or a loved one with a vape battery, that levels up their experience, check out our range or recommendations below.

Vessel Craftsman Series - The luxury fashion statement

If you’re looking to treat yourself or a special someone to a battery built with high-end materials and aesthetics, Vessel is the brand for you. They’re most known for their Craftsman Series, which would look right at home on a Range Rover dashboard. They’re made of slate anodized aluminum, wrapped in a choice of walnut, blackwood, or beechwood. By using real wood, each piece has its own unique grain.

They feature a drop-in design that conceals most of the cartridge to not interrupt the battery’s sleek design. It has a 300 mAh capacity and uses four power/voltage settings to hit your preferred temp. You can also accessorize the piece with matching cases and an elegant standup charger. This is the priciest option on our list, retailing for around $100.

Vessel Craftsman Series Vape Pen

Vuber Pulse - The Tesla of vape batteries

Yeah there’s a “Tesla of” everything by this point but when it comes to looks and functionality, the Vuber Pulse would look the most at home in Elon Musk’s hand on his next Joe Rogan appearance. Besides sharing a sleek futuristic look, it’s also the self-driving car of batteries, using a proprietary tech that automatically reads the resistance of your cartridge and adjusts the settings for optimal use.

The Vuver Pulse utilizes their “Never Burn” tech that tapers the heat as you draw, helping ensure a smoother, better tasting hit. And if you want to take hold of the wheel, you switch to manual mode and dial in your own temp settings on the LED display. This pen has a 400 mAh capacity and sells for around $65.

Vuber Pulse Vape Pen

O2Vape Flip Ultra - High tech key fob

The Flip series from O2Vape features a car key fob inspired design. This lets you fold in and flip out the cartridge which also acts as the auto on/off switch. The Flip Ultra is their most advanced version, costing around $70. A digital display keeps track of your voltage data, battery life, and even how many puffs you’ve taken.

The voltage ranges from 2.7 to 4.8V and charges through micro USB or your iPhone’s Lightning cable. And despite the folded-in cartridge taking up space, they still squeezed in a large 650mAh battery.

O2Vape Flip Ultra

CCELL Palm - Minimalist form and function

The Palm by CCELL goes for a similar size as the Flip Ultra above, but with a simplified design and lower price tag at around $35. The housing is aluminum alloy and offered in a range of metallic colours, powered by tech that CCELL touts as both high performance and safe. It’s inhale activated with an indicator light and a self-adapted optimum temperature setting; no buttons or displays needed here. The compact design has room to hide a 0.5g cart, boasting a hefty 500mAh capacity.

CCELL Palm Vape Battery

CCELL M3 - The quality classic

The team at Phyto are big fans of CCELL. The CCELL M3 is what we include in our Firestick vape kit and we sell our distillate vape formulations in their 510 ceramic carts. With its classic pen shape, it can be confused with an average generic battery but uses a nice stainless steel housing. It’s truly what’s inside that counts with a 350 mAh capacity and the same tech as the Palm. Selling for only around $15, it’s definitely worth grabbing over a no-name pen-style battery. CCELL also touts low failure rates compared to competitors, which our experience agrees with.

CCELL M3 Vape Pen

CCELL M3B - Affordable multi-temp pen

The M3B is the level up from the M3 above, costing a bit more at around $25 buy adds three heat settings, shown through a three-colour button. SPOILER ALERT: We’ll soon be releasing Phyto-branded M3Bs so you can grab a matching battery to enjoy our HTFSE Terp Sauce or future HCFSE distillate cartridges at your preferred temperature.

CCELL M3B Vape Pen

Free Phyto swag shoutout

If you visit any cannabis retailers, make sure to ask them if they have any complimentary Phyto swag available. A fan fave being the vape pen lanyard that ensures you don’t misplace your pen for the 100th time, and can quickly switch between using it and vital two-handed tasks like eating a double bacon cheeseburger.

Phyto Extractions Apparel Accessories

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Focus V Carta Dab Rig


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