Batteries might seem like a fairly mundane topic to consider when vaping cannabis extracts but in reality they’re one of the most influential parts. The battery is the heart of a vaporizer, distributing power to each component so it works efficiently and effectively. A vape cartridge can contain the purist product on the market, but if paired with the wrong battery can end up tasting like it was made with bargain bud. The right battery ensures cannabis concentrates convert into full flavoured vapor, without the risk of burning the extract.

What to look for

There are numerous factors that make up a good battery; capacity, charging time, battery type, size, and voltage all influence the resulting vapor. For some, battery capacity is most important as it controls the time it takes the device to reach temperature and charge duration. While others prioritize voltage, which affects temperature,how much vapor is produced.

Safety features are essential when using vaporizer batteries, these built in safeguards keep the device from overheating. Phyto’s provides a high performance CCELL® battery in their vape kits, which have multiple circuit board protections to prevent overheating.

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Vape Pen vs. Dab Pen

Vape pen cartridges and batteries are typically built to fit the universal 510 thread standard. These batteries offer a lower voltage range to keep the product from burning, compromising the flavour and general experience. The higher the battery output, the more vapor can be produced. More doesn’t necessarily mean better, CCELL® batteries are shown to produce 25% more vapor volume compared to other brands. Currently, Phyto Extractions provides a M3 battery in all of their distillate kits to guarantee that their extracts are heated at the ideal temperature, which ensures a superior vaping experience. 

Unlike their 510 counterparts, dab pens are designed for non-packaged concentrates like shatter, budder, oil, and live resin. These extracts are not sold in pre-filled cartridges and have different heating needs than traditional vape pens. High potency extracts like CO2 Terp Sauce (HTFSE) require lower temperatures in order to preserve terpene profiles and therefore need a battery with less output. CCELL®’s M3 model, which is currently available in Phyto Extractions’ 0.5g distillate vape kits, is also suitable when paired with CO2 Terp Sauce (HTFSE) cartridges, due to its lower voltage.

Tips for Care

A battery can be used and recharged repeatedly as long as it is well taken care of. To make the most out of the CCELL® M3 batteries, make sure to let the battery die before recharging. Be careful not to overcharge batteries by leaving them plugged in for extended periods of time as this can  damage the battery. 

For safety reasons, only use the USB charger sold with the battery. Other chargers do not necessarily contain the same voltage and can easily damage the battery. Damage to the battery can result in safety features not working effectively and the device could overheat. The battery is arguably the most crucial part of a pen, when it functions well it can help create a fantastic vaping experience.

By: Ashley Keenan


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