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Vape Cartridge 0.5g

what's inside?

The concentrate of choice for both novices and cannabis connoisseurs alike, our THC-forward 0.5g cartridges are filled with premium extract, boasting all-natural, terpene-rich flavours and zero fillers or synthetic additives.


For the best vaporization experience use our 510 Thread vape cartridges with CCELL® M3 batteries or ones of similar amperage.


Blueberry – You can expect the sweet-flavour of fresh blueberries and subtle pine notes thanks to the 5% botanical terpene content, formulated with highly-refined distillate. Our formulation contains distillate with a 80-90% THC concentration and no CBD.

Pineapple Express – Pineapple Express is a heavy-hitting hybrid that packs a tropical punch. With aromas of mango, apple, cedar, and of course pineapple, our high-quality 0.5g cartridges combine THC distillate with a 80-90% potency range, diluted with botanical terpenes.

Pink Kush – Our popular Pink Kush cartridges are filled with distillate, extracted from this indica-dominant hybrid cultivar, that’s renowned for its sweet aroma and distinct herby taste. This variety boasts a 80-90% THC distillate, diluted with botanical terpenes.

Super Lemon Haze – A sativa-dominant hybrid that’s as citrussy as its name suggests, this perennially popular cultivar makes a great concentrate, one that’s fresh and full of zest. This variety contains 80-90% THC distillate, formulated with botanical terpenes, without any additives or synthetic fillers. 


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