Complete Kit 0.5g

Portable, discreet, easy to use, and highly functional, since legalization 2.0 vapes have become the go-to cannabis product among new consumers, and long-time enthusiasts. Phyto’s industry-leading line of premium kits provide you with everything you need to start enjoying high-quality, terpene-rich vapour. 

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Phyto’s premium terpene-rich distillate formulations are made using all-natural, food-grade ingredients, with absolutely zero fillers or synthetic additives. With an impressive 80-90% THC range, all of our vape products are created using our legacy knowledge, combined with strict adherence to Health Canada’s rigorous quality control testing and processes.

Each kit contains everything you need to get started, including a 0.5g cartridge, a reusable pen battery, and a USB charger. Powered by CCELL, the industry-leaders in vape technology, our complete pen kits are designed using a ceramic atomizer rather than a quartz coil, offering consistent temperature and taste from the first use to the last.

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