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0.5g Live Resin


Phyto Extractions live resin is crafted in a controlled, tightly-regulated environment using hydrocarbon extraction methodologies. Following strict safety protocols, cannabis flowers are flash frozen at harvest, preserving the freshest and most aromatic cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids possible in a cannabis concentrate. We use hydrocarbon blends to carefully extract the most volatile terps.

Live resin is a heavy-hitting concentrate, for beginners we recommend starting slow with a handheld vaporizer to best control your dose. “Just a little dab will do ya” as they say, so we suggest starting with low doses. It’s best to store these powerful connoisseur concentrates in a cool, dark place to preserve the quality.

Limited-Time Releases

Maple S:
Maple S is a flavourful hybrid varietal, making it a balanced choice for cannabis consumers looking to try live resin. Maple S contains 73-74% THC with a total terpene content of 6.2%, with ß-myrcene, limonene and ß-caryophyllene.

BCN Critical XXL:
BCN Critical XXL is a popular Indica strain, loved by cannabis consumers and growers alike. This cultivar boasts a citrus-forward terpene profile that delivers crisp lemon notes. Featuring a 76-77% THC content, this potent live resin is rich in limonene and ß-caryophyllene.

Now available in BC, AB, ONSK, YT and via CannMart with a medical document.


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