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Phyto Extractions’ signature Firestick™ is quality fire – to go. With 80-90% THC distillate, quality botanical terpenes, and third party testing to ensure quality and consistency, we’re ready to bring the fire to your portable concentrate experience.

For the best results, use our 510-thread vape cartridges with a CCELL® 510-thread battery or one of similar voltage. Our 510 Firestick™ cartridges are individually auto-filled by weight to ensure that you receive the exact amount of oil, no shortages. With quality and safety top of mind, all ingredients in our formulations are third-party tested to ensure the absence of any potentially harmful additives, natural or synthetic.

CCELL® 510-thread cartridges feature a ceramic heating element. When filled, this heating element absorbs up to 0.15ml of the 0.5ml of oil contained in the cartridge. This can lead to the appearance of a “head space” at the top of the cartridge.

All of our 510-thread vape cartridges use CCELL® hardware, are third-party tested and contain 80-90% THC distillate, formulated with botanical terpenes.

We heard you loud and clear. Originally available in a 0.5g format, we bring to you two of our four core flavours; Pink Kush and Blueberry along with limited-time releases Green Apple and Grapefruit Haze, in a 1g cartridge format


Pink Kush: A strain-specific distillate extraction, our popular Pink Kush cartridge is an Indica-dominant cultivar known for both its sweet and herbal aroma. With high levels of ɑ-pinene, myrcene, and β-caryophyllene, this one is a classic taste for all seasoned smokers.

Blueberry: Blueberry feels forever; you can savour notes of fresh blueberry and pine with the terpene combination of this strain, heavy in both ɑ-pinene and β-pinene.

Green Apple: A taste of nostalgia, this limited release offers a quick tartness, paired with a sweet exhale. This fresh fruit blend of terpenes features high levels of ɑ-pinene and β-limonene to bring an unforgettable flavour to our 1g cartridge format.

Grapefruit Haze: A limited release, Phyto Extractions’ Grapefruit Haze is inspired by the Sativa-dominant cultivar, pairing Grapefruit and Super Silver Haze. Heavy in Limonene and β-caryophyllene, this combination of citrus and spice offers both brightness and spice to your taste buds. Available in 1g format.

Orange: Sure to satisfy connoisseurs and the cannabis curious alike, our Orange vape variety, now available in a 1g format, boasts a fruity, citrus terpene profile. As the name suggests, this limonene fuelled Orange cart delivers a zesty flavour with a smooth finish. Containing 80-90% THC content with notes of limonene round this citrus cart option for a balance of sweet tartness.

Watermelon: A blend of fresh, fruity and earthy flavour notes makes this Watermelon vape cartridge a unique, refreshing, flavourful choice. With 80-90% THC, this popular offering well-known in its 0.5g format, Watermelon is now available in a 1g variety, contained in CCELL® hardware to ensure low failure rates and formulated by experts to prevent leakage.

Blue Raspberry: Phyto Extractions’ newest 1g vape cart, Blue Raspberry, contains 80-90% THC distillate combining dominant terpenes: ɑ-pinene, limonene, linalool together to produce a strong fruity and sweet scent. The flavour profile contains raspberry ketones, which are responsible for the recognizable aroma.

Blue Raspberry 1:1: Same great taste, Now available as a 1:1!!! Our exciting new Blue Raspberry 1:1 Cart combines the purest THC distillate with the finest CBD isolate. This highly sought after cartridge combines one of our favorite profiles with CBD to create a balanced cart. Expect a sweet fruity taste, reminiscent of raspberries, that will taste great the whole way.

Our 1g vapes are available in
BC, AB, ON, SK & MB, though SKU availability varies.

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