LANGLEY, BC / APRIL 21, 2021

Phyto Extractions Inc. is now producing cannabis shatter products for the Canadian market after wholly owned subsidiary Adastra Labs Inc.’s commissioning of new hydrocarbon extraction equipment ahead of schedule.

With the arrival of the ExtractionTek Solutions MeP XT70 system, a high-performance hydrocarbon extractor, the team at Phyto Extractions can now process over 400 kilograms per day of cannabis biomass into a variety of hydrocarbon cannabis concentrate products. Focused on shatter production currently, this translates into over 50 kg of high-quality product output per day.
Phyto Extractions has launched three new shatter cannabis products: Pink Kush, Blue Gorilla OG and D. Bubba, that will serve the over nine million Canadians currently in the cannabis market with its one-gram offerings. The company’s increasing market share in the disposable vape, vape cartridge and live resin markets, strengthens the brand’s launch of its new flagship shatter product line.

With relatively few players in the niche of shatter product space in Canada, this market expansion represents a significant opportunity given the forecasted growth of the Cannabis extract market.

Phyto Extractions growth in cannabis market shares

The current cannabis extract market has seen a huge boom in sales from the past year, in which demands for cannabis extracts are rising steadily. Canadian cannabis extract sales observed an exponential 315-per-cent growth rate for the past two years, from 320,201 non-medical sales in October, 2019, to 1,328,769 sales in October, 2020, and over 200-per-cent sales growth rate including all medical and non-medical sales. Rising demand for cannabis extract products requires reasonable supplies from producers for cannabis enthusiasts.

As a leading producer of cannabis extracts, Phyto Extractions continues to innovate and adopt trusted extraction methods, like hydrocarbon, to bring Canadians quality cannabis products.

Hydrocarbon extraction is the most popular cannabis extraction method used to extract tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from cannabis plants. Usage of hydrocarbons like propane or butane is heavily involved in the extraction process. One of the popular hydrocarbon extractors that uses this method is the ExtractionTek Solutions MeP XT70 system, which is the current system in use at the company.

About Phyto Extractions Inc.

Phyto Extractions is a Langley, B.C.-based cannabis company with a co-located Health Canada Licensed standard processing facility and analytical testing laboratory. Pioneering in cannabis products like shatter and extracts, Phyto Extractions adopts strict in-process quality tests for cannabis extraction methods, like hydrocarbon and cryo-ethanol extractions to ensure high-quality extracts are enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts. The company offers a range of products from vape cartridges to pure cannabis extracts that can be incorporated into daily usage.


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