Our Products - D Bubba Shatter

The heavyweight champion of Phyto’s shatter series, D Bubba is a well-known west coast Death Star and Bubba Kush cross that gives a classic kush experience. Skunk and earth tones fill this strain’s approximate 3% terpene profile, along with up to THC 80% levels known to satisfy even the most seasoned consumers. D Bubba contains high levels of humulene, myrcene, and minor percentages of beta-pinene terpenes. 

Phyto Shatter has up to 80% THC for maximum effectiveness and packed full of flavour from preserved terpenes. Phyto Extractions have used a hydrocarbon closed-loop system to butane extract cultivars in a tightly controlled environment. 


  • Make sure you have the essential dabbing tools for an optimal experience using Phyto Extractions products.
  • Since shatter is very concentrated and potent, we suggest new users try a small portion before mass consumption.
  • Make sure you have dabbing tools for ease of handling shatter and to use them in moderate quantities.
Try Phyto Extractions Shatter using these methods:
  • Dabbing
  • Vaping
  • Adding a piece of shatter to your roll to enhance the experience

About Phyto Extractions™

Phyto Extractions™ is an agricultural-scale cannabis extraction, distillation and product manufacturer located in Langley, BC at its co-located Health Canada Licensed Standard Processing (extraction and products, no cultivation), Sales (extracts, topicals, and edibles), and R&D through Adastra Labs Inc. and Analytical Testing Laboratory through Chemia Analytics Inc.


Contact: Michael Forbes, President, CEO & Director (Chairman)
Phone: 778-715-5011
Email: michael@phytoextractions.ca


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