Being a cannabis consumer in the modern age is about more than just rolling a joint, not that there’s anything wrong with the classics! Technological development, advancements in quality control, and a thriving cannabis industry all play an essential role in current day cultivation and extraction. This holds especially true for cannabis products like concentrates, which were greenlit for production in 2019 after a 60-day approval period from Health Canada.

Concentrates may not be a new product but legalization has expanded access and resources, allowing cultivators to put a new spin on an old classic. Concentrates are typically solvent-derived, using chemicals like butane or CO2 during extraction to make products like shatter, budder, resins, rosins, and sauces. Live resin is a unique cannabis concentrate that has quickly become a consumer favourite but what makes this product so special?

What it is

Live resin is an aromatic concentrate, a high-grade extract product with a focus on a strong flavour profile. Unlike most concentrates, which are made from cannabis that has been dried and cured, live resin is made with freshly harvested buds. This unique process makes live resin special, preserving terpenes which give the product a more robust experience that is true to the cannabis itself.


To make live resin, fresh cannabis is cryogenically flash frozen using liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures. Since the cannabis is frozen before it has a chance to degrade, the extract is able to maintain flavours and scents other extracts simply can’t. The way live resin is crafted allows for a wider array of cannabinoids and terpenes to withstand processing, which in turn offers the consumer a unique experience.

What to look for

A quality live resin will be able to capture the full array of scents and flavours from a freshly harvested plant. Colour and consistency vary by brand and range from light to dark with a sticky, malleable consistency.

“I’d say a good live resin has a prominent terpene profile as the product was fresh when processed,” explains Brad Martin, an industry professional known for his product reviews. “When purchasing a live resin I’m looking for a solid product, or a highly viscous liquid/paste. The colour should be uniform throughout, I tend to prefer a lighter coloured material.”

As with most cannabis concentrates, THC values in live resin are high, ranging 65 – 95% depending on the cultivator. The potency and involved extraction process means that live resin can also come with a high price tag – but a little goes a long way with this concentrate.

How to consume

Live resin is consumed in a number of ways, it can be dabbed, vaped, or smoked. The most popular way to use live resin is dabbing, which can be done in a dab rig (think bong for concentrates), or a vaporizer that is made for cannabis concentrates

“I like a dab pen, because it allows use of a small quantity and the receptacle can be cleaned directly after use. The product should melt fully under heat, a quality live resin will leave little residue after use,” Martin explains. “You could also smear live resin across a paper and roll that paper in a joint,” he adds.

If dabbing isn’t your thing, live resin can be added to your bowl and smoked. Be mindful of temperatures when heating the product, optimal temperature is around 550°F which will preserve the terpenes, too hot will scorch the flavour. Store in a cool, dry, air tight container so any leftover live resin won’t dry out.

Now available in BC and coming soon to a province near you

As passionate advocates, Phyto Extractions has been producing award-winning concentrates since 2015 and is thrilled to offer two live resin varieties for consumers to enjoy. From legacy to legal markets, quality is the name of the game with all products enduring rigorous testing and quality control for a superior product.

BCN Critical XXL
BCN Critical XXL is a popular Indica cultivar loved by cannabis users and cultivators alike, with a forward citrus profile that delivers notes of crisp lemon. Featuring a 76-77% THC content, this live resin is highly potent with rich limonene and ß-caryophyllene terpenes.

Maple S
Maple S is a flavourful hybrid cultivar, making it a versatile choice for any cannabis user wanting to try a live resin. This concentrate has 73-74% THC content with myrcene and limonene terpenes, also found in mangos and citrus fruit. In addition to being rich in cannabinoids THCa and THC, this live resin also features CBG and CBG.

By: Ashley Keenan


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