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Our live resin is made by utilizing a closed-loop extractor and a blend of hydrocarbon solvents. The blend is generally a mix of propane and butane, that will be modified based on the starting strain. When creating our hydrocarbon blends we aim to preserve the more delicate terpenes. All of our live resin is by definition made from flower that has been flash frozen immediately after harvest, preserving trichome-containing terpenes. This allows us to maximize the terpene profiles, and overall content of our concentrates.

First, the starting material is finely ground and then filled into the extractor. We then pass the hydrocarbon blend through our starting materials. The cannabinoids, terpenes and some other secondary metabolites are extracted from the flowers and become suspended in the solvent. The solvents are then purged with the use of a vacuum oven to ensure we are well below the residual solvent guidelines. This process leaves behind a delicious terpene rich concentrate.

Changing colour or having a darker hue is not necessarily bad. While darker colors may signify the presence of other secondary metabolites, they can also be the result of not efficiently vaporizing your oil. It is important to make sure your battery is charged and compatible with cannabis cartridges.

Live resin and most other cannabis concentrates are sensitive to UV light and heat. It is best to store your concentrates in a cool, dark and dry environment. Fridges will work for long term storage.

Our distillate is produced by ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction processes. This produces refined, highly-concentrated cannabinoid distillate, which is third-party lab tested to ensure the utmost quality.

Phyto Extractions vape products contain highly-refined, and quality tested cannabis distillate that is sometimes combined with botanically-derived terpenes.

For the best quality, and consistent experience, we recommend you use Phyto Extractions vape cartridges, paired with CCELL® hardware.

While there is no concrete expiration date, all vape cartridges may begin to lose quality and potency between 6-9 months after production. However, no concrete expiration date has been determined.

Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds found in cannabis and other plants. Terpenes give cannabis cultivars their distinct aroma and flavour profiles. Terpenes may also play a key role in differentiating the effects of various cannabis cultivars.

Phyto Extractions operated in the pre-legalization landscape, which is where our institutional knowledge was developed. We have since transitioned, following the licensing protocols and approval process, as outlined in the Cannabis Act. Phyto Extractions has licensed our intellectual property to CannMart who source and package our products. We are committed to safety and quality, our products are no longer produced or sold anywhere other than within the tightly-regulated, and quality-controlled, legal Canadian cannabis market.

Any Phyto Extractions products, discovered through channels, other than through the Canadian legal market are counterfeit. Our products are available for purchase through legal Canadian cannabis channels, such as; the BCLDB, OCS, and at licensed cannabis retailers in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Phyto Extractions is looking to expand our business country-wide with our exclusive Canadian partner CannMart Labs.

We recommend pairing our vape carts with one of the CCELL® M3 batteries, contained in our vape kits. These batteries have been matched with the amperage & voltage requirements of our cartridges, considering their contents. It is important to match the specification of the battery to the cartridge to make sure it is compatible, and is best-suited to vaporize your concentrate at the appropriate temperature, to ensure a quality vape experience.

We do not use the terpene phytol as a filler, or dilution agent, in any of our vaporizer cartridges. We third-party test all ingredients in our formulations to ensure the absence of this naturally-occurring terpene, found in cannabis and other botanicals. We get our name from the combining term Phyto, which means ‘of a plant’ relating to plants. Phytocannabinoids, the naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in plants, is an example of the combining term in use.

A High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract is a cannabis concentrate that is high in terpenes and has a similar terpene profile to the flower it was extracted from. This is a stark contrast to other concentrates such as distillate or isolates. Isolates and pure distillates lack the flavour and effect that terpenes offer.

Our CO2 Terp Sauce Cartridges have a darker hue than our Firesticks due to the full spectrum nature of the extract. Our FireSticks are made using distillate which tends to be lighter in colour than full spectrum concentrates.

Our vape carts are compatible with low to medium volt batteries, like CCELL® hardware. Depending on what battery you attach our carts to you may either have to simply inhale or press a button while inhaling. Some batteries offer multiple temperatures, with the click of a button. Refer to the battery’s hardware instructions for specific details.

Through strict adherence to Health Canada regulations under the Cannabis Act, we are committed to ongoing innovation, research and development of our  products. We develop and manufacture our PhytoExtractions products with our exclusive Canadian partner CannMart Labs.

No. Our vape pen formulations combine cannabinoid distillate and botanically-derived terpenes, sourced from FlowSci, Floraplex, and Abstrax. All of our products are subjected to rigorous, third-party testing to ensure the quality and consistency.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of the ~113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. This compound is the second most prominent of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant, and is said to be non-intoxicating.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis. THC is the principal psycho-active constituent of cannabis. THC is said to be responsible for the “high” we experience, following consumption.

Pine resin is made by harvesting the sap of pine trees. Live Resin is an extract that is made from freshly harvested cannabis plants. While pine resin may resemble the consistency of some cannabis concentrates they are in fact very different. 

Phyto’s premium terpene-rich live resin’s are made using a refined cannabis extract with absolutely zero fillers, synthetic additives or pine resin.

All current products are 100% safe, Health Canada approved and were produced under strict quality control practices.

All of Phyto Extractions’ products are proudly produced in BC at Adastra Labs. Every product is third-party tested at every step of the way to ensure the absence of contaminants. Health Canada guidelines are adhered to, with solvents used for extraction, testing below the acceptable range (5,000 ppm).

We do not add Vitamin E to any of our products. Our concentrates- vaporizer carts, live resin, CO2 Terp Sauce (HTFSE) do not contain synthetic additives or chemical fillers. Our vape carts are formulated with 80-90% THC distillate and botanically-derived terpenes.

Our vape cartridges are available in 1g format, with some flavours available in a 0.5g size. Availability varies depending on province and retailer. Visit our retailers page for more information or reach out to your local shop to find out what’s in store.

The two main fractions of our CO2 Terp Sauce Cartridges are the cannabinoids and the terpenes. After sometime it is possible for the two to separate. This does not make the product unsafe to use. It simply reflects molecular changes that occur when the concentrate gets heated and cooled. Your cartridge is still fine and is good to use.

Like most cannabis concentrates our CO2 Terp Sauce Carts are affected by UV light and heat. It is best to store your concentrates in a cool, dark and dry environment. Fridges will work for long term storage.

Shatter is a full spectrum, high terpene extract which contains high levels of the cannabinoid THC. This is from milled cannabis flower, extracted with hydrocarbon, then placed in a warm oven to purge the solvent. This concentrate is translucent and gold in colour. It can be dabbed with accessories like a dab rig, banger, torch and tool or added to your joint or bowl.

This product is newly available from Phyto Extractions in a convenient cartridge format, for consumers looking to try shatter for the first time, or those who are familiar with shatter and looking for a portable format.

The ideal storage condition for shatter is 15 +/-5 oC, with minimum exposure to light, pressure, heat, and air.

The appearance may be due to transportation and/or storage conditions after the product leaves our facility. All products are third-party tested to ensure the absence of harmful ingredients (whether they be naturally occurring or synthetic) and to ensure the end product comes within the Health Canada solvent limit of 5,000 ppm.

Full Spectrum Cartridge FAQs

To get the best experience with our Full Spectrum cartridges use a multi-temp battery like CCELL®’s M3B. This product is best consumed on medium-high heat settings due to the viscosity of the oil.

All Full Spectrum cartridges should be stored upright, at ambient room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.

We suggest putting it in your pocket or purse before consuming. Alternatively, a hairdryer (held a foot or so away from the cartridge) can help to heat the oil. Rolling it or holding it between your hands will also do the trick. Never use a torch/lighter to heat the cartridge as the housing could melt and damage the product.
The shatter cartridges are full-spectrum extract products that results in a thicker gummy-like consistency and thicker compared to our distilled vape cartridge products.

Bubbles can be moved by priming the battery, preheating the coil a few seconds before inhaling the product.

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